Petra Acker Trio

Photo: Simona Nichiteanu    

PETRA ACKER TRIO with Petra Acker, Britta Seidner & Robert Erdos

Petra Acker outlines her style on a deep, unpredictable voice. Her timbre & style were shaped on a wide range of musical styles, from classical music (soprano ) to later discovered lower registers. Her voice passed through Gospel, Garage Rock, Funk, Stoner Rock, Jazz, Soul, R’n’B, Electro, Folk and Blues. The artist’s own compositions are a result of this trip that shapes as a colorful musical world, full of entirely personal character.

Petra plays a mix of styles, accompanied by Britta Seidner (backing vocals), a talented vocalist from Sibiu and Robert Erdos (percussion) from Brașov. Soul, Jazz, Blues, international folklore flavored R’n’B (from Romanian to African), in a free improvisation flow! Besides Petra’s own compositions, they play compositions by various artists who were an inspiration: Richard Bona, Rachelle Ferrell, John Coltrane etc.